Give your XP an amazing Vista look




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If you love the Windows Vista look but you don’t think it will run ok, or maybe you don’t want to buy a Windows Vista License, now you will have a new option and it’s called VistaMizer.

VistaMizer will give your Windows XP an amazing Windows Vista look and you will not need to install the new OS.

VistaMizer is the piece of software which will do it for you. Run the installer and follow the simple steps. Once the installation is finished, restart your system and prepare yourself, your computer will seem to be other one.

The main modifications VistaMizer performs affect to the Start menu (the same of Windows Vista), folders (a new interface and new shortcuts), icons and wallpapers. The next time you’ll boot your system you will think it’s not yours.

Furthermore, VistaMizer also adds Vista sounds. If you want to have a trendy computer but you don’t want to waste your money, don’t hesitate, install VistaMizer, it?s free and it’s great.
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